Alejandro Samaniego 

Partner, architect and Real Estate developer.

Alejandro joined Square Voxel as Partner bringing more workflow efficiency specially with clients due to his background.
After university he specialized in 3d and multimedia at Image Campus in Buenos Aires Argentina
Before Square Voxel he worked in design and construction with more than 300000 sq f. of buildings built. His experience in 
construction represents a solid foundation to undertand the complexity of architecture as a digital representation.

He is currently leading Square Voxel as the Creative Director.
Alejandro received his Bachelor of Architect degree from Universidad Catolica del Ecuador and his Master in Real Estate Development from Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

Fernando Tirado C.

Founder, architect and urban planner.

Fernando founded Square Voxel in 2010 while working as visiting professor and architect in Quito Ecuador.
Before Square Voxel he worked with Unite Atelier Architecture as Founding Partner and Project Designer, directing the design of architecture projects and competitions, both large and small scale, within this firm.
From 2009 to 2014 as visiting proffesor he taught urban design, architecture and interior design in Universidad Internacional del Ecuador and Universidad de las Americas in Quito. In addition, he has lectured about his work and thinking.
He is currently in New York as managing Partner for Square Voxel.
Fernando received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Universidad Catolica del Ecuador and his Master in Urban Planning from Universidad de Barcelona.